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Prashant Modi

Prashant Modi is an aspiring entrepreneur, who has been heading GEECL as the CEO and MD since September, 2015. Prior to that, he was the President and Chief Operating Officer of the company. His association with GEECL dates back to 1996 and over the years, he has been an instrumental figure behind the behemoth success of the company as a producer of natural gas from coal seams.

Prashant Modi puts in a lot of commitment and effort towards building a strong business network to aid in GEECL’s growth and development. He is the person who ensured listing of the GDRs of the company in the main board of LSE (London Stock Exchange) in 2010 after listing the same at the Alternate Investment Market in the LSE in 2005 and 2006.

Prashant Modi who completed his degree in business management studies from Boston University, USA, is also a member of different prestigious national and international bodies like Environment Task Force Committee, FICCI, Commission on Environment and Energy, International Chamber of Commerce, Paris (ICC), Global Growth Companies Advisory Board, World Economic Forum, President, ICC India and others.

Being a dynamic leader, Prashant Modi apart from looking after the day-to-day operations of the company, focuses on new M&A opportunities, keeping investors happy as well as hiring the best talent for the company. With plans of investing Rs 1500-2000 crore in the Raniganj block to build more wells, GEECL is looking forward to a bright future. Also, Prashant Modi is hopeful that after setting up of the Jagdishpur-Haldia pipeline, GEECL will be able to take the gas to Kolkata which would definitely prove to be profitable for the business. Also, there is enough demand in the Raniganj area for the gas supplied by GEECL.



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